I am Brianna. I am there for you.  

Tradition, legacy, and family have always been incredibly important to me. I’m obsessed with Christmas for that reason- it is a time of community, joy, and PARTIES. Weddings have those same sentiments to them. You are creating a new family, with your most important people by your side. You are celebrating this union your way, and I completely dig that.

If you are one of my brides or grooms, you can take for granted that I'm there to support any and everything you want for your day. I'll be the person you can call or text anytime before the wedding for help or encouragement. I'll be the person the day of that keeps you hydrated, keeps you laughing, and captures each and every thought out moment. I'm gonna be your friend.

I’m inspired by capturing the everyday moments along with the big, life moments, so you can rest assured that on your day I will get all of the emotion, hugs, and candid moments- not just the posed stuff. When you look at your photos you are going to feel those minutes.

I subject my handsome husband and adorable kids to this documentary passion of mine on the daily, and looking back through the memories I’ve captured over the years is so incredibly meaningful to me. I look at photos of my newborn daughter and remember the relief, the heart-exploding love, and the hot tears running down my face. Photos, to me, are precious. You can trust me to freeze your moments with the same passion I have to freeze my own.

I LOVE to travel, so if you want to go somewhere and make magic, I'm down for that. I've seen amazing places, and it's truly humbling to capture memories in wonderfully wild places.

When I’m not holding my camera, I’m probably exploring some corner of my beloved PNW, planning my next adventure, or jittering along after too much coffee.  

I'd really like to get to know you!