Oregon Coast Engagement-Style Session

These two. They went on a trip two weeks into their relationship, if that tells you anything about them. They were so connected, loving, and playful. And I mean K’s smile says it all. Her laugh is literally the most beautiful, infectious thing ever.

We pranced around the Oregon Coast for an engagement style shoot organized by one of the kindest and most talented ladies I know, Elle of Harper Grace Photos. This business can be lonely. You spend hours and hours behind a computer, and life can be filled with comparison and envy if you let it. I’ve had the honor to work alongside so many talented and kind people this “off-season”, and it has helped me remember all the GOOD in this job!!

Katelyn and her babe are wonderful, Underwood Makeup is phenomenal, Elle is fantastic, Oregon showed off, and it was an amazing night.

Brianna SwanComment