Neskowin Love Session

Some people I click with immediately, and Kaysea and Grady were those kind of people. From the second we met at the beach they love, I felt like a good friend. We went to Neskowin, a gorgeous little beach on the Oregon Coast.

Grady's family owns a beach house in the area, and it was clear how connected they were to this spot. We wandered down the path to the beach, and we were all stunned when we rounded the corner to misty sun, sparkling water, and stunning Proposal Rock.

Kaysea and Grady were so easy with each other. They laughed and held hands between pictures, and looked at each other with smiles and joy. They were so comfortable in front of the camera, and I loved every second of shooting them. 

Their story is so great. They both went to the same college. They even both played on the water polo team! Grady played on the men's team, and Kaysea on the women's. Despite such overlaps, they never met until after college! 

When I sent the photos over to Kaysea, she said "we look like ourselves in these pictures," and that is truly the highest praise. She described their connection as a playful and loving spark, and I'm honored I got to document that. 

If every session could be as magical, I think I'd die of happy contentment. This one is one of my favorites to date. 

Brianna SwanComment