A & M Fishing Rock Engagement

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These two. I never met Alison and Matt in person before this shoot. Alison and I connected on Facebook! Regardless, these two instantly made me feel like and old friend. Their love for each other was obvious and laughter-filled (just TRY to ask Alison to look serious!).

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I suggested Fishing Rock as a location because it is full of memories for me. The place is just beautiful. You walk down a green and shaded path, passing gorgeous trees and bushes as you anticipate the view ahead. The trademark Oregon Coast foliage opens up as you see the first glimpse of the ocean ahead. You wind down the path, glimpses of water, interesting trees, and gorgeous coastline. 

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As you come out of the tight tunnel of the path, you get your first glimpse at the amazing, 180 degree view of the water. There are rocks piled around paths in the red dirt, begging you to climb and hide and find. Little nooks where you stand on ledges and gaze at the crashing water below. Tide pools hiding down a boulder trail, and green patches that you want to sit and snuggle in.

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As we explored around, I jokingly told them to look for whales so I could snap a picture. Suddenly Alison said she saw one! We all watched and sure enough, there was a whale right by the rocks. We watched her glide through the water, and we couldn't believe it. What an amazing moment, I'll never forget it.

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These two were such gems. I would shoot them everyday if I could. Shooting at Fishing Rock was so special to me, I can't wait to go back! 

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