Fair Couple Session

The fair has such a fun, unique vibe. The sound of rides creaking, the taste of late summer in the air, and the smell of deep fried twinkies just screams classic americana, does it not? I had this idea to embrace that carefree, young, summer vibe, and this shoot was everything I hoped it could be.

Jenna and Jesse were perfect. The second I saw their outfits, I could have cried. The vintage Coke t-shirt, the white converse and blue jeans, I mean OHHHMYGOSH. They were perfect.

My favorite kind of session is the one that is a collaboration between me and the couple. I love taking the broad creative ideas and chipping them more specifically to fit the couple and their goals for the session.

Making “pretty” photos is fairly easy. Making lasting, tangible memories- ones that capture the personality of the couples, and documents their specific flavor of love…….. now that is hard. My goal is to forever improve, with this as my ultimate goal. I hope that the flavor and tone of the love is crystal clear through the photos.

Brianna SwanComment