Pittock Mansion Love Session

I absolutely love living in Portland. I love city life. We live blocks away from a bustling street with fun stores, events, and restaurants. My favorite coffee shop is less than a mile away, and the next best shop is just down the alley from us! Weekend mornings usually mean a swing through the local donut shop for the kids (and Elliot, let’s be real), and then sitting outside at the coffee shop while we sip on cappuccinos.

There is always some event going on, but in the rare case there isn’t, the beach/mountains/desert are just a couple hours away. There are plenty of gorgeous places to visit within Portland, too. The Arboretum is a favorite hiking spot of mine, the rose gardens grounds are so unique and beautiful, and the views at Pittock Mansion are just mind-blowing.

I went to the historic house with Sarah and Josh on an extremely blustery day. We basically froze, but had such a blast pretending like it was their house and we were just casually enjoying their backyard view.

Portland has a lot of some things, a little bit of some things, and very few people as great as Sarah and Josh!

Brianna SwanComment